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HJPospie Consulting

Systems engineering (SE) is the process to analyze requirements and define a product, which fulfills the requirements in an optimal way.

For that activity high-level know-how for many technical design disciplines is necessary as mechanics and thermodynamics, avionics, data processing and software, reliability etc. Also the operational phase has to be taken into account by considering maintainability and logistics aspects. For manned systems Human Factor Engineering is of high importance.

But not only the technical aspects are to be taken into account but also contractual and management rules, in order to deliver the specified product within the financial and schedule limits.

Setting-up an efficient SE team, which can manage subcontractors, is a time consuming process and requires capabilities to motivate the different team members to become a powerfull systemengineer and reliable team member.

Having nearly 40 years experience in this field by leading the systemengieering teams for the development of the European manned space systems SPACELAB and COLUMBUS I might be of help for YOU developing space or any other technically complex system.